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Protecting your most critical assets by applying a modern adversarial approach.

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We’re An Adversarial Security Company

By staying true to the adversarial approach, Laverna Sec is able to provide a unique insight into system and network weaknesses. Our methodology is constantly evolving and provides you with protection from the latest criminal techniques.

Our state of the art asset management services provide you with real-time alerting and vulnerability managagement. Find out what the attackers already know about your infrastructure and stay ahead of them with automated scanning and alerting.

Black Box

Laverna Sec approaches your environment from a black-box perspective with a dedicated adversarial mindset. Our consultants paint a picture of your threat landscape with zero up-front knowledge.

Red Team

Need custom work? Our dedicated professionals will work with you to deliver a custom assessment, including full-scope red teaming engagements. Contact us today!

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Remotely conducted vulnerability assessments gives you the actionable intelligence required to lock down your exposed perimter. Contact us today to get started identifying your external weaknesses.

External Monitoring

Professional, external monitoring and vulnerability management for your external assets with real time alerting and ticketing system. See your networks and systems through the eye of an attacker.

Penetration Testing

Take the next step in demonstrating potential impact of vulnerabilities within your networks and systems. Laverna Sec conducts full spectrum, adversarial engagements to expose existing flaws in your critical assets.

Web Application Assessment

Are you a development shop or rolling custom code? Get a targeted application assessments with in-depth results from a professional today.

User Training

Laverna Sec provides professional phishing and end-user training customized to fit your needs. Combat one of the most lucrative online criminal ventures by knowing what to look for.

Red Teaming

Need an on-site assessment or custom solution? Contact us, our team of consultants posesses the expertise and field experience required to demonstrate meaningful results and accurate adversary simulation.

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